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Advertising Gold – Extreme Benefits Extraction For E-Authors

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Once a cherished project such as your first ebook or ecourse has been completed, we need to turn our attention to the marketing of your project.

Here’s where things sometimes turn somewhat difficult if the author and the marketeer are one and the same person, and here’s where we have to be cautious and take the right steps in the right order, so we might stay on track.

In order to write ANY form of marketing material for your ebook or course, you need to be completely FAMILIAR with all the benefits of your product.

Now it seems obvious that the author, of all people, SHOULD be familiar with the benefits but there is such a thing as over-familiarity, as well as having been immersed in the project for a long time and thus not seeing the proverbial forest for the trees any longer.

I was assisting just such an ebook author and absolute AUTHORITY on writing their major sales page the other day, and I was astonished that they couldn’t answer certain basic questions I put to them, such as:

“How many chapters are there in your book?”

“How many pages does your book have?”

“How many illustrations?”

“How many words?”

“What’s the ISBN?”

The answer was always something along the lines of, “Ahm … I guess I could look it up …”


These are the kind of “technical details” that are handled in a publishing house by “other people” – but of course, in web publishing they need to be known EXACTLY by the author, because these things comprise the “technical specifications” of the product and a prospective purchaser might well enquire or need to know up front before they make their buying decision.

But that’s just an example and in a way, it is the tip of the iceberg.

What became very apparent was that the author in question had missed out on the first step of ANY marketing analysis.

This important step, which is the core topic of this article, is ESSENTIAL to be able to write any form of advertising copy, to target the correct audiences with the correct approach and to market the product, full stop.

This first step is called “the benefits extraction”.

*** How To Do The Benefits Extraction ***

You need a printed out copy of your book or course, PLENTY of empty pieces of paper, a big pot of coffee and then, you take off your author’s hat and instead, you put on your marketing hat and go through the text, ONE PARAGRAPH AT A TIME, and “extract” ALL the benefits that could possibly accrue for the reader/user/learner AND all they come into contact with *if they follow the advice and procedures outlined* exactly.

There is a HUGE range of potential benefits that can and will be found in this process, and even before we get into the text and content itself, there’s also benefits such as:

Good sized print – easy to read for older people, avoid headaches!

Good use of white space – easy on the eye, relaxing reading

Well structured – information flow is logical, and thus easy to understand and learn

Fully indexed – things are easy to find, you can quickly get to what you need to know.

Helpful diagrams and illustrations – pictures say more than a thousand words …

… and so on.

Once you get into the content, you will notice that sometimes, a single sentence or paragraph hides a MAJOR benefit, such as:

“The SINGLE little known SECRET to all your marketing problems!” (Page 23)

Take your time and keep backing up and asking yourself over and over again, “What BENEFITS will the reader/user get from this?”

Immediately, short term, long term?

Don’t stop with things like,

“Reader will learn how to use the snarkometer …”

That’s not a benefit.

A benefit is what happens WHEN you use a snarkometer as its creator designed it to be used – so the benefit might be:

“Reader will be able to capture even well hidden, rare and elusive snarks.”

From there, you can go on to further future benefits, such as:

“Reader will become famous and rich from his snark sales.”

That’s the point, after all!

*** Sorting Out Your Benefits ***

If you do this properly, you will find HUNDREDS of benefits, big and small, and for all sorts of different applications, situations and people, and from all sorts of different angles, in ANY decent ebook or ecourse.

You will have them all written down, as they come, with the referencing page numbers on your many sheets of paper.

Now it’s time to sort them out.

Firstly, go through your list and find the MAJOR benefits that would make the best HEADLINES and major bonus lists.

As soon as you’ve got those, your advertising and marketing falls into place because now you know WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE SELLING!

“Deep down”, of course you knew that all along but it’s extraordinary how “deep down” this stuff often is and how hard one has to dig to get it out of the authors to bring it to the surface!

Pick out the top ten benefits and transfer them to a new sheet of paper.

Now, pick the next 20 or so which will become benefits in lists on pitch pages, or will be laid end-to-end in classifieds and sales letters.

Finally, take all the rest and sort them out in any way you want.

You might find that a particular market emerges that you hadn’t thought about before with their OWN benefits list that is quite separate from the general main benefits, and where you can then market your product accordingly.

You might well find material amongst those benefits that you can use to write articles or engage in customer “education” – explain how and why these benefits arise in separate articles so they get to appreciate what you do and how VALUABLE your product really is.

You will find ideas, headlines, tag lines, and pure advertising GOLD COPY in this benefits extraction and analysis.

And once you are done, NOW you are ready to write REAL advertisements of all kinds – and you’ll find that now you ACTUALLY KNOW what your product is from the marketer’s standpoint, you’ll also be able to SELL IT TO OTHERS.

Oh, and one more thing.

A benefits extraction is also possibly one of THE most motivational and exciting things any author or creator can do for THEMSELVES.

Yup, it’s all true. It really is THAT good, and it REALLY has all those benefits!

It’ll do the world for your self confidence AND for YOUR ability to start shouting about the amazing benefits of YOUR amazing product from the rooftops – and that in turn, leads to a whole lot more sales, more money in the bank, more joy and freedom and love all around!

So if you have not yet done your word-by-word extreme benefits extraction, go for it NOW.

It is absolutely THE FIRST STEP to ALL future marketing.

Good luck and surprise blessings,

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  143. Paivittainenaani: Paivittainenaani.fi brings you daily news and updates, providing a consistent source of information and insights on current events and trending topics.
  144. Erikoistapaus: Erikoistapaus.fi covers unique and special cases, exploring extraordinary stories, events, and phenomena that capture attention and spark curiosity.
  145. Artikkelienaika: Artikkelienaika.fi offers articles on various topics, providing informative and engaging content to satisfy readers’ curiosity and thirst for knowledge.
  146. Paivakirjanvisioita: Paivakirjanvisioita.fi presents journaling and personal visioning, offering insights, techniques, and inspiration for individuals looking to explore self-reflection and personal growth.
  147. Eklikkaauutisia: Eklikkaauutisia.fi curates news articles and stories that deserve a click, providing interesting and engaging content across various topics.
  148. Tarinantuki: Tarinantuki.fi offers support for storytelling, providing resources, tips, and inspiration for writers, content creators, and anyone interested in the art of storytelling.
  149. Kansainvalinenverkko: Kansainvalinenverkko.fi focuses on international news and events, providing coverage and insights on global affairs, international relations, and cross-cultural topics.
  150. Mediamarkkinointia: Mediamarkkinointia.fi explores media and marketing strategies, offering insights, trends, and tips to help businesses and marketers effectively navigate the evolving media landscape.
  151. Verkkosilmays: Verkkosilmays.fi offers a fresh perspective on the online world, providing insights and analysis on digital trends, user experience, and web design.
  152. Uutisliitto: Uutisliitto.fi is a news union that brings together various news sources, providing a platform for collaboration, networking, and mutual support among journalists and news organizations.
  153. Liiketoimintaapuhua: Liiketoimintaapuhua.fi focuses on business communication, offering insights, strategies, and tips to enhance communication skills and effectiveness in the business world.
  154. Julkaisujaverkossa: Julkaisujaverkossa.fi explores online publishing, providing guidance, tools, and resources for individuals and organizations looking to publish content and share information on the web.
  155. Verkkoportaali: Verkkoportaali.fi serves as an online portal, aggregating news, articles, and information from various sources, offering a convenient platform for accessing diverse content.
  156. Lehdistotiedotushuone: Lehdistotiedotushuone.fi is a press room that provides news releases, media kits, and resources for journalists and media professionals, facilitating effective communication between organizations and the press.
  157. Globaalejaraporttejani: Globaalejaraporttejani.fi offers global reports and insights, providing analysis and updates on international trends, business developments, and global issues.
  158. Mediakeskitin: Mediakeskitin.fi serves as a media toolkit, offering resources, templates, and guides to help individuals and organizations navigate the media landscape and effectively communicate their message.
  159. Maailmanlaajuistatietoa: Maailmanlaajuistatietoa.fi provides global information and knowledge, offering insights, facts, and resources on a wide range of topics with a global perspective.
  160. Yleisetneuvotilmaiseksi: Yleisetneuvotilmaiseksi.fi offers general advice and tips free of charge, providing useful information and practical guidance on various subjects.
  161. Ylakeskus: Ylakeskus.fi serves as a center of excellence, providing authoritative and comprehensive information, news, and resources on a wide range of topics.
  162. Wwwuutiset: Wwwuutiset.fi delivers news and updates from the online world, covering digital trends, internet culture, and the latest developments in the digital sphere.
  163. Ilmauutisia: Ilmauutisia.fi presents free news and information, offering articles and updates on various topics without any cost or subscription requirements.
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  165. Hemmotteluhetki: Hemmotteluhetki.fi focuses on relaxation and self-care, offering tips, ideas, and resources for creating moments of pampering and well-being.
  166. GoSmart: GoSmart.fi explores smart solutions and innovations, providing insights, reviews, and updates on the latest smart devices, gadgets, and technologies.
  167. Elamystuotanto: Elamystuotanto.fi specializes in experience production, offering articles, ideas, and inspiration to create memorable and engaging experiences in various fields.
  168. Bloggaajanpuhetta: Bloggaajanpuhetta.fi shares the voices of bloggers, featuring articles, stories, and insights from the blogging community, covering diverse topics and perspectives.
  169. Sosiaalinenedistys: Sosiaalinenedistys.fi focuses on social progress and development, offering news, articles, and resources related to social issues, welfare, and community initiatives.
  170. Hallintoideoita: Hallintoideoita.fi presents ideas and innovations in administration, providing insights and best practices for effective governance, management, and public administration.
  171. Uutisblogi: Uutisblogi.fi serves as a news blog, sharing articles, opinions, and updates on various current topics and events from around the world.
  172. Positiivisetsanat: Positiivisetsanat.fi focuses on positive words and uplifting content, providing inspiring articles, quotes, and stories to promote positivity and well-being.
  173. A2zmaailma: A2zmaailma.fi covers the A to Z of the world, offering diverse articles and insights on a wide range of topics and subjects.
  174. Uutiset247: Uutiset247.fi provides 24/7 news coverage, delivering continuous updates and news articles to keep readers informed around the clock.
  175. Liikekeskustelu: Liikekeskustelu.fi engages in business discussions, offering a platform for conversations, insights, and opinions related to the business world and entrepreneurship.
  176. Hienoloytoja: Hienoloytoja.fi presents exquisite pleasures, providing articles and recommendations for indulging in luxurious experiences and refined lifestyle choices.
  177. Uutisetwiki: Uutisetwiki.fi serves as a news wiki, offering collaborative and crowd-sourced news articles and information on a wide range of topics.
  178. Sinunnakemyksesi: Sinunnakemyksesi.fi focuses on your perspective, offering articles and content that encourage personal reflection, self-expression, and individual viewpoints.
  179. Auttavatkasi: Auttavatkasi.fi provides helping hands, offering articles, resources, and support for individuals seeking guidance, assistance, and advice in various aspects of life.
  180. fi: Tuorettaajattelua.fi promotes fresh thinking, offering innovative ideas, perspectives, and thought-provoking articles on a variety of subjects.
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  182. Taytyynahda: Taytyynahda.fi highlights the need to be seen, offering visibility and exposure to individuals, organizations, and events through news coverage and promotion.
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  194. Euutisia: Euutisia.fi delivers European news and updates, offering coverage on current events, politics, and developments from across Europe.
  195. Globaaliraportti: Globaaliraportti.fi provides global reports and analysis, offering insights and updates on international affairs, global trends, and geopolitical developments.
  196. Artikkelilehti: Artikkelilehti.fi features an article magazine, offering a diverse collection of informative and engaging articles on various subjects.
  197. Globaalejauutisia: Globaalejauutisia.fi covers global news and events, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of international affairs, politics, and global trends.
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  200. Julkaisesisaltoni: Julkaisesisaltoni.fi allows you to publish your content, offering a platform for individuals to share their articles, stories, and ideas with a wider audience.
  201. Palveluntarjoajia: Palveluntarjoajia.fi is a news blog that provides information about service providers, covering various industries and offering insights on different services and solutions.
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  208. Minunnettijutut: Minunnettijutut.fi presents my online stories, featuring personal narratives, experiences, and reflections shared by individuals.
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  215. Uutisetaaneni: Uutisetaaneni.fi lets the news be heard, providing audio-based news content, including podcasts, interviews, and audio articles.
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  217. Julkaiseuutiseni: Julkaiseuutiseni.fi allows you to publish your news, offering a platform for individuals and organizations to share their news articles and updates.
  218. Verkkopaivakirja: Verkkopaivakirja.fi serves as an online diary, providing personal reflections, thoughts, and experiences shared through journal-style entries.
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  221. IC-Control: IC-Control.fi focuses on industrial control, providing news, updates, and insights on automation, control systems, and related technologies in the industrial sector.
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  224. Rakentaayhdessa: Rakentaayhdessa.fi promotes collaboration in construction, providing news, articles, and resources related to the construction industry and collaborative projects.
  225. Sukupolvenjohtaja: Sukupolvenjohtaja.fi caters to generational leadership, offering insights, strategies, and resources for leaders navigating multi-generational work environments.
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  230. Liikenneinfo: Liikenneinfo.fi focuses on traffic information, providing news, updates, and resources related to transportation, road safety, and traffic management.
  231. Yritys-markkinointi: Yritys-markkinointi.fi covers business marketing, offering insights, strategies, and resources to help businesses effectively market their products and services.
  232. Verkkoratkaisuja: Verkkoratkaisuja.fi presents online solutions, offering articles, tips, and resources for creating and implementing effective web-based solutions.
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  235. Maailmanuutiset: Maailmanuutiset.fi delivers world news, offering comprehensive coverage and updates on global events, politics, and current affairs.
  236. Ilmaisetvinkit: Ilmaisetvinkit.fi provides free tips and advice, offering practical insights and recommendations on various subjects without any cost or subscription requirements.
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  238. Tiedotusvalineet: Tiedotusvalineet.fi focuses on media tools, offering resources, guides, and insights on media relations, press releases, and effective communication strategies.
  239. Uutistenportaali: Uutistenportaali.fi is a news portal, providing a centralized platform for accessing and exploring a wide range of news articles and updates.
  240. Oikeaatietoa: Oikeaatietoa.fi delivers accurate information, offering factual and reliable articles and resources on various subjects.
  241. Paivittainenpaivitys: Paivittainenpaivitys.fi provides daily updates, offering regular news articles, insights, and updates on a variety of topics.
  242. Analyysini: Analyysini.fi presents my analysis, providing in-depth analysis, commentary, and insights on various subjects and issues.
  243. Uusimmatuutiset: Uusimmatuutiset.fi delivers the latest news, offering up-to-date coverage and articles on current events and developments.
  244. Kysyminulta: Kysyminulta.fi encourages asking questions, offering a platform for readers to submit their questions and receive answers, insights, and advice on various topics.
  245. Markkinoinninuutisia: Markkinoinninuutisia.fi focuses on marketing news, providing updates, trends, and insights in the field of marketing and advertising.
  246. Tutkimustietoa: Tutkimustietoa.fi offers research information, providing access to research findings, studies, and resources on various subjects.
  247. Oikeattiedot: Oikeattiedot.fi delivers accurate information, offering reliable news articles, updates, and resources on diverse topics.
  248. Ilmainenneuvonta: Ilmainenneuvonta.fi provides free counseling, offering guidance, advice, and support on different aspects of life at no cost.
  249. Julkaiseuutisia: Julkaiseuutisia.fi allows you to publish news articles, providing a platform for individuals and organizations to share their news and updates.
  250. Nodecopter: Nodecopter.fi covers drone technology, offering news, articles, and updates on drones, UAVs, and their applications in various industries.
  251. Uusiatarinoita: Uusiatarinoita.fi shares new stories, offering a collection of fresh and engaging narratives, articles, and content on various topics.
  252. Laadukkaitaartikkeleita: Laadukkaitaartikkeleita.fi provides high-quality articles, delivering well-researched and informative content on diverse subjects.
  253. Timesinartikkeli: Timesinartikkeli.fi features articles from Times, offering news, analysis, and in-depth reports on current events and topics.
  254. Paivittainenuutisaani: Paivittainenuutisaani.fi presents daily news updates, offering timely and informative articles, stories, and reports on various subjects.
  255. Tosimaailmanuutisia: Tosimaailmanuutisia.fi delivers real-world news, providing factual and reliable articles, updates, and insights on a wide range of topics.
  256. Uutislahetys: Uutislahetys.fi is a news broadcast platform, offering video news reports, interviews, and updates on current events and happenings.
  257. Bizideoita: Bizideoita.fi offers business ideas, providing insights, inspiration, and strategies for entrepreneurs and business professionals.
  258. Todellisiakustantajia: Todellisiakustantajia.fi features real publishers, offering news, updates, and articles related to the publishing industry and literary world.
  259. Ennakkotuki: Ennakkotuki.fi provides advance support, offering resources, guides, and assistance for individuals and organizations in various areas of life.
  260. Verkkoneuvonta: Verkkoneuvonta.fi offers online counseling, providing virtual support, advice, and guidance on different topics and challenges.
  261. Enapsauta: Enapsauta.fi delivers news with a click, offering quick and concise articles, updates, and information on various subjects.
  262. Digitaalinenmaailma: Digitaalinenmaailma.fi explores the digital world, providing insights, tips, and news related to technology, internet culture, and digital trends.
  263. Viraalisetuutiset: Viraalisetuutiset.fi covers viral news, offering articles, updates, and stories that have gained significant attention and popularity in the online sphere.
  264. Artikkelitreader: Artikkelitreader.fi features an article reader, providing a curated collection of articles, essays, and content on various topics for readers to enjoy.
  265. Saadatietoa: Saadatietoa.fi delivers knowledge, offering informative articles, resources, and insights to expand readers’ understanding and awareness.
  266. Digitaalinenluku: Digitaalinenluku.fi promotes digital reading, offering articles, e-books, and resources for readers to engage with in the digital realm.
  267. Maailmanlaajuinen: Maailmanlaajuinen.fi covers global news, providing updates, analysis, and stories from around the world on various topics.
  268. Timesinuutiset: Timesinuutiset.fi presents news from Times, offering timely and informative articles, reports, and updates on current events and developments.
  269. Parhaatsanat: Parhaatsanat.fi features the best words, offering well-written articles, thought-provoking content, and captivating storytelling.
  270. Mainosportaali: Mainosportaali.fi serves as an advertising portal, providing insights, tips, and resources for effective advertising and marketing campaigns.
  271. I-link: I-link.at offers informative links, providing a collection of curated links to news articles, resources, and information on various subjects.
  272. Korn-media: Korn-media.at covers media news, offering updates, analysis, and insights into the world of media, journalism, and communication.
  273. Cgr-solution: Cgr-solution.at provides solutions for businesses, offering articles, tips, and strategies for effective business management and growth.
  274. Publicshareware: Publicshareware.at shares public software, providing information, reviews, and resources on software applications and tools.
  275. Pixelpartner: Pixelpartner.at focuses on pixel-perfect design, offering articles, inspiration, and resources for graphic design and visual communication.
  276. Reachus: Reachus.at helps you reach out, offering advice, tips, and resources on communication, networking, and relationship-building.
  277. Metaworks: Metaworks.at explores meta-work, providing insights, strategies, and resources for effective project management and teamwork.
  278. Timesurl: Timesurl.at features URLs from Times, providing a collection of links to news articles, reports, and updates from various sources.
  279. Xways: Xways.at offers alternative ways, providing articles, perspectives, and resources on unconventional approaches and solutions.
  280. Pc-ware: Pc-ware.at covers PC technology, offering news, updates, and insights on computer hardware, software, and related topics.
  281. Premiummedia: Premiummedia.at focuses on premium media content, providing articles, reviews, and recommendations for high-quality media experiences.
  282. Info-csk: Info-csk.at provides information on CSK, offering news, updates, and resources on the field of computer science and related disciplines.
  283. Balance4u: Balance4u.at promotes balance and well-being, offering articles, tips, and resources for maintaining a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.
  284. Interimconnection: Interimconnection.at connects interim professionals, offering news, insights, and opportunities in the field of interim management and consulting.
  285. Reiterweb: Reiterweb.at focuses on web development, offering articles, tutorials, and resources for web designers and developers.
  286. Friis: Friis.at presents the Friis approach, providing articles, insights, and resources on entrepreneurship, business strategies, and innovation.
  287. Pixelpower: Pixelpower.at harnesses the power of pixels, offering articles, tutorials, and inspiration for graphic design and visual communication.
  288. Netzplus: Netzplus.at explores the net plus, providing articles, tips, and resources on digital marketing, online presence, and web optimization.
  289. Beinformed: Beinformed.at keeps you informed, offering news articles, updates, and insights on various topics to enhance readers’ knowledge.
  290. Datacons: Datacons.at focuses on data consistency, offering articles, guides, and resources on data management, analytics, and data-driven decision-making.
  291. Technion: Technion.at explores technology and innovation, providing news, articles, and insights on the latest advancements and trends in technology.
  292. Visualstory: Visualstory.at tells visual stories, offering articles, case studies, and inspiration for effective visual storytelling in various mediums.
  293. Tlweb: Tlweb.at features web technology news and updates, providing articles, resources, and insights on web development, design, and trends.
  294. Linkpopularity: Linkpopularity.at focuses on link popularity, offering articles, tips, and strategies for improving website visibility and search engine rankings.
  295. Jiujitsu-salzburg: Jiujitsu-salzburg.at covers Jiu-Jitsu in Salzburg, providing news, updates, and resources for practitioners of the martial art in the Salzburg region.
  296. Vision-net: Vision-net.at offers a vision for networking, providing articles, tips, and resources on networking strategies, professional relationships, and career development.
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