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Check These 5 Pointers For Selecting Auto Repair Shops In Telluride!

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Your car is more than just a status symbol. Every vehicle, regardless of use and make, must be checked and serviced from time to time. Many manufacturers even offer a servicing & inspection scheduled, which must be followed to get the most of warranties and other assurances. If you are in Telluride, you will find a bunch of car repair services to choose from, but below are some aspects to consider.

  1. Consider the make & model

There are selected Telluride Auto Repair shops that only deal with certain models and brands. You may want to review auto services based on the model and make of your vehicle. Certain auto repair shops are ideal for small repairs, but for extensive checks under the hood and for specific replacements, you have to consider a bigger repair shop.

  1. Reviews matter

No matter whether you are located, finding a local auto repair service should be all about credibility and reviews. Independent reviews from customers on Google can be helpful in comparing your options. Alternatively, you can select an auto shop and ask them for reviews. If a service has been around for years, they wouldn’t mind sharing these details.

  1. Try them out

Auto repair shops may say many things, but it is best to test their services. Try the service for a small repair task, or for regular inspection, and find more about their response. Check how they prepare an estimate, and what all has been included in the price.

  1. Check for other services

Many auto services & repair shops in Telluride also offer other things like vehicle towing, flatbed service, long-distance towing, off-road vehicle towing, jumpstart assistance, and car accident recovery. Selected shops also offer assistance with insurance claims and removal of cars parked at illegal spots.

  1. Get estimates

No matter how small the repair job may seem, you have to get an estimate in advance. It is particularly important when you are sending in your car for extensive repairs, and replacement of faulty parts. You are likely to get a warranty on selected repair jobs, so make sure that you ask for all the relevant details on paper.

A good repair shop in Telluride should be on your speed dial, so that you can get help on the road, if needed. For regular servicing, you can also go for a contract. Shortlist the best shops now and get help!

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