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Personal Finance – Don’t Let Money Run Your Life

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Do we want to admit it, or not, the money we have (or not), has a tendency to run our lives. It controls where we live; the work we have; Friends we choose; And can even control whether we feel happy and satisfied. Your salary size should not have that much control – Get your finances in sequence, and take your life back!

Overcoming Destructive Money Habits:

When it comes to money, nothing is perfect. We all spend our belongings may not be from time to time. But when we reach the point where we will owe for all “fun things” we want, then it’s time to face the fact: no one can continue to spend more than they make without a terrible consequence in the future. Take the first step: Set the budget. Then make a strong commitment to stick to it. Expenditure plans are an extraordinary tool that easily shows you where your money is running, to better equip you with wiser knowledge on fun things, and in your financial facilities.

Deal with your jealousy and greed:

So what if your car is ten years old? Do you like it? Honestly now. Chances are it feels like a pair of old sneakers – comfortable. Don’t go trading in a reliable old friend just because your neighbor gets a new car that is spiffy – and a great big loan payment! Every time you want to buy something, ask yourself: Do I buy this because someone I know has it? Of course, it feels good to have good things. But when following everyone around you sink you deeper and deeper in debt, it’s time to reevaluate the reasons you feel like you have to follow everyone’s bad shopping habits.

Hold strong ties at this time as obsession:

It’s not easy to say no on a luxury vacation or new furniture when we are bombarded with a message that says we have to have it to be happy, or we work hard and deserve it. But, let’s be practical here, what’s more important, has the new deck put into your home, or peace of mind knowing that money for mortgage payments this month is sitting in a bank, just waiting for you to write a check? Don’t let advertisers and marketing today suck you into the world of debt and destruction. Learn to say no to what you don’t want or need, and say yes for things that are really important and will make your family happier.

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