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The Features of a Remanufactured Transfer Case

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Although it looks and functions close to a new one, a remanufactured transfer case is not necessarily brand new, although hardly noticeable. The remanufacturing process gets hold of the slightly used transfer cases and inspects their cores, only proceeding to remanufacture those that successfully get through the inspection process. The process involves replacing the parts that have worn out with new features. Remanufactured transfer cases, if properly maintained, can last for hundreds of thousands of miles with optimum performance. Therefore, one needs to look out for the features that assure a quality remanufactured transfer case.

A well-functioning transfer case gets tasked with transferring power from the transmission to both the rear and front axle via the drive shafts. It also gets charged with synchronizing the rotation difference between the front and rear wheels. Below are some of the reasons that make the remanufactured transfer cases perfect for vehicles.


Uniformity in manufacturing a device is essential because it ensures that the components work uniformly together with no chance of failure due to structural integrity. The remanufactured transfer case is worked on from the beginning to the end by one master builder. It also ensures that no component is left out in the manufacturing process that would compromise the case’s functionality.

High Quality and Functionality

The baseline to the performance of any device is how effectively it performs its functions. The remanufactured transfer case is built and designed to meet and exceed the set regulatory standards to assure the users of top-notch devices for use in their vehicles. The use of quality accessories in the remanufacturing process to replace the worn-out components retains the structural integrity of the transfer case.

 At some point, technological upgrades may get made where necessary. The combination of quality components and a compelling design brings about flawless functionality of the remanufactured transfer case. Since transmission of power is its primary function, the more efficient the transfer case is, the lesser the power lost during transmission, subsequently saving the amount of energy used and making the vehicle fuel conservative, which would lead to an increased saving on the cost of fueling.

18 Months Warranty

An 18 months’ warranty gets given to whoever purchases the remanufactured transfer case. It is a sign of confidence from the manufacturer showing that their product would comfortably go through a year and a half of service without posing any challenges. If there shall be a challenge experienced, then one is in for maintenance of the transfer case with the maintenance cost directed to the manufacturer.

However, in extreme situations, three years extended warranty may be issued by the manufacturer of the transfer case to a client. A manufacturer’s warranty is more of a message from the manufacturer to their clients, guaranteeing them and boasting about just how durable their remanufactured transfer casing is. If any unexpected difficulties arise within the specified period, the manufacturers shall fully incur the case’s maintenance cost.

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