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Why Does the New Land Cruiser Need USB Ports in the Trunk?

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The new Land Cruiser will appear on the US market next spring. It will only be sold in a two-row, five-seat configuration, which begs the question, why does it have cupholders and USB ports in the trunk?

Feature One Will Hardly Use

 The used car experts from Indy Auto Man dealer center explain that in other markets, the Land Cruiser will be offered in a seven-seater version. What’s more, browsing photos on Toyota’s global site, one can see the interior of the new Land Cruiser with two extra seats behind the second row. So instead of removing cup holders, vents, and charging ports, Toyota decided to save money and leave everything as it is, giving the owners an opportunity to use them during the tailgate party. Plus, your dog might enjoy the extra ventilation on a hot day.

While it’s a little weird to leave these amenities in places where no one will use them, removing them would be too expensive, given that the three-row version is coming off the same assembly line. In addition to the aforementioned features, Toyota has retained reclining second-row seats, making it easier to access the third row, which isn’t there. Again, installing other seats wasn’t worth the cost.

At the same time, experts can’t explain why Toyota decided to sell a two-row Land Cruiser in the country of three-row SUVs. Perhaps, in this case, it could compete with the more luxurious Lexus GX, and the larger Toyota Sequoia, built on the same global TNGA-F platform. And so, the third row of seats and the turbocharged V6 will be unique advantages that help distinguish the Lexus GX from its cousin Toyota Land Cruiser.

Land Cruiser Success Story

The Japanese company Toyota began production of the first Land Cruiser vehicles in 1951 during the Korean War. In connection with this event, the demand for military off-road vehicles increased sharply.

At the beginning of 1951, the Toyota BJ saw the light of day. Testing of this car by the driver Ichiro Taira proved the exclusivity of the released model. The test car climbed to the so-called point No. 6, located at a scattering above 2000 m from the foot of Mount Fuji. It was a grandiose achievement as earlier it was possible to make such a high ascent only on horseback.

Two years later, the car sample was ready for serial production. In 1954, that legendary name appeared.

In the process of a long modernization, the Land Cruiser 20 was born. It was transformed from an army vehicle into a civilian one. The new car boasted increased mannerisms, which made it possible to provide the driver with stable comfort when driving on rough roads. The difference from the previous model also consisted of the fact that this car was equipped with air conditioning. The power of this engine was 105 hp.

In 1960, a new, improved Land Cruiser 40 model was released. The upgraded version featured a more “geometric” design, but the most significant innovation was the reduction in gears and payload. As a phenomenon in this series, a special Land Cruiser BJ20 was released, which surpassed all predecessors in terms of comfort. This model has become the best-selling in the US.

The Toyota developers believed they must break all outdated templates and ideas to create something ground-breaking. So in 1984, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series appeared. Two versions of the Duty model were developed – Heavy and Light. The first model followed the old tradition and was suitable for those who need constant cross-country ability and off-road resistance. The second model was relevant for lovers of long trips and comfortable travel.

In 1990, the automaker carried out a minor modernization, thanks to which a masterpiece of luxury was born – the Land Cruiser Prado. Unlike its comrades, this model has become an emblem of prestige. The Land Cruiser Prado was produced only until 2007 and won the hearts of millions of people. After the cessation of sales in 2014, the manufacturer resumed production in Europe at the fans’ request. And in 2000, the Land Cruiser brand celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. In honor of the date, along with the 100th model, a limited edition 50th Anniversary was released.

The new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser is a proof that a mighty and harsh army SUV evolved into a modern and compact passenger car adapted to any conditions. This vehicle has become a symbol of reliability and comfort and continues to adapt to the needs of its US buyers.

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