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The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

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The importance of wheel alignment may not be understood by customers who are just buying tires. Wheel care is more important than car owners might imagine.

Uneven Tires and Their Dangers

Uneven tire wear is caused by improper wheel alignment. It can cause baldness in the tires and accidents when driving on slippery roads. Unaligned wheels can also cause a blowout tire. This can leave the driver or passenger stranded in traffic on an intersection or on a highway.

It is dangerous for cars to break down on busy streets. Poor wheel alignment can also lead to another potentially dangerous situation: a vehicle may veer off to one side, into the traffic, onto the side of a road or into a ditch. Both bald tires and this can put friends and family in danger, so it is important to maintain all four wheels.

The Financial Benefits of Wheel Alignment

In addition to the obvious safety benefits, aligning the wheels will also reduce the wear on the tires. It will also keep the suspension system of your vehicle intact, reducing the likelihood that you will need to replace shocks anytime soon. Proper wheel alignment also has a financial benefit in that driving from one location to another requires less fuel. In turn, transportation expenses decrease.

A proper wheel alignment can also reduce repair costs because it puts less stress on your automobile. The effect of wheel alignment on the braking system is a major concern. Incorrect alignment can lead to the need to replace brake pads and rotors as well as springs, cylinders, and other parts. Maintaining wheels will also keep hubs, bearings, rivets and ball joints intact. This also reduces the negative impact of the steering system.

Signs That You Need to Align Your Wheels

If the steering wheel is pointing straight ahead, but the car is pulling to the left or the right, then you need a wheel alignment. One sign of a wheel alignment is if one tire wears out faster than the other. It is recommended that wheels be aligned every 6000 miles.

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