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A Few FAQs about Golf Cart Batteries

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The core of golf carts is batteries – and if you slow down or fail, the game is over. Early failure happens most likely with the wrong types of batteries, and you have to pay a fortune in early replacement. In the meantime, the proper batteries provide more green, low-to-no maintenance time, longer life, and higher ROI for you or your customers. In the next part, we answer all your questions regarding golf cart batteries, lifespan, voltage, pricing, battery chargers, and much more!

How much is golf cart battery average life?

Your batteries should last up to six years with regular usage if appropriately maintained while using a golf cart battery charger. A high-quality battery charger for a golf cart (like those on our site) will provide the right electrical flow while charging a cart and auto shut-off capabilities (so that you do not destroy the batteries of your cart).

How much does golf cart battery cost?

Golf cart batteries are among the most expensive maintenance expenditures for the whole life of your golf cart but you ARE saving on petrol, oil, filters, and other maintenance costs, as we said at the start of this post. A standard set of trojan golf carts costs around $1,300. You can buy near around $2000 by a set of new-age Lithium-Ion Cart batteries. You mustn’t try to substitute high-quality replacements with your golf cart batteries. Buying branded, secondhand batteries will still cost you a nice buck so try to avoid them.

Which types of batteries are available in the market?

Generally, there are four types of batteries are available, such as:

  • AGM Lead Acid Batteries
  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries
  • Gel Lead Acid Batteries

Flooded Lead Acid batteries are the norm for most golf carts on the globe. This sort of battery works for any uses you can imagine (including off-roading, and more). The leader in this space is Trojan Battery. Only a few carts have AGM batteries or gel batteries but they operate very similarly to flooded plumage batteries since they are plumbing batteries.

Can I replace my cart batteries with ordinary cart batteries?

You cannot. The whole automobile does not have to power regular car batteries (the gas motor does that job). When the vehicle runs using mechanical energy, a car accessory is then powered by its alternator. Automobile batteries are used largely to start the car and from time to time power supplies (when the car is not running).

Due to the fact, that automobile batteries are intended as the main power source for your golf cart at a significantly lower rate than deep cycle batteries.

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